Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report Press  Rebranding and New Beauty Brand Opportunity CYNTHIA CROSBY LIFESTYLE REPORT is a person...

Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report Press

August 29, 2019 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 1 Comments

Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report Press 

Rebranding and New Beauty Brand Opportunity

CYNTHIA CROSBY LIFESTYLE REPORT is a personal lifestyle blog, created by Cynthia Crosby, entrepreneur and beauty ambassador.  CYNTHIA CROSBY LIFESTYLE REPORT has recently rebranded, with a new blog theme, that is lifestyle oriented, and her content is now centered around a Lifestyle Report blogging format, most blog visitors, began seeing as the blogger, began developing and running, her blog content on the previous blog platform theme.

Upon rebranding and relaunching Cynthia Crosby, partnered with Maƫlle Beauty, Skincare, and Beauty Tool brand, a marketing sales partnership that is sure to boost the blog's lifestyle esthetic and appeal, to beauty customers, who are seeking a chic and polished lifestyle regimen that supports the versatile looks, style, and character, of beauty influencers.

Maelle as a brand partner, allows Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report to reinforces its blogs mission, to share trendy products, perfect for everyone's daily routine, and new product seekers. Influencers will love the trendy lifestyle brand, that features pops of color, lifestyle class elements, in its polished beauty line and a skincare and makeup brand that is lightweight and easy to carry.

"I relaunched my blogs branding to display the cohesive lifestyle brand built on my previous blog theme, that I was going for, and to focus on building my blog's visitors, and viewers and subscription base says the Blogger. "I have also incorporated the lifestyle Report feature into my blogs branding so readers know they are receiving value when they read my blog post, valuable content that includes usable tidbits and real-world products we all use in our daily lifestyle."

"I hope my blog's visitors will love the new look and branded theme and become subscribers to my blog, growing my loving support base and followers, and helping my blog to grow, which helps to build the content they like to see in a lifestyle blog, Versatility, is the main focal point, I have a wide variety of topics, and categories, but my blog stays in the realm of business, fashion, and beauty."

"My word for the year is creativity so the creative appeal of my blog was intentional, I now think it is, more visually appealing, cohesive, classy, and chic, which gives my blog more visibility, and readers will stay longer, and want to find out more about my brand."

"I do worry about product branding and marketing sometimes when I think about all of the consumer based and lifestyle products I like to use, I say I very well known I can't share all of the great products I like on my blog, but I really want my viewers to  realize it is a personal blog, about me, and I am a consumer, and a product advocate, so I know my own likes needs tastes, and wants and have found things that generally appeal to me and know what I would love to try."

"I like becoming an online brand influencer, Maelle really gives me and my blog a chance to segment my product promotions, and build my beauty category, with one really amazing brand."

"Maelle is super amazing skincare, makeup, beauty, and is very trendy and chic, That is what I want my blog to say about meant the products I love and share with my audience." says lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur Cynthia Crosby.

Cynthia Crosby is a lifestyle entrepreneur, her blog is personally branded Cynthia Crosby, the Lifestyle Report theme was recently included to reinforce the blog's branding and lifestyle niche. The blog features fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, and unique product introductions as well as trendy software the blogger has found useful in her daily routine.

Cynthia Crosby recently partnered with Maelle, a beauty brand, that is European based,  the brand features makeup, beauty, and a wonderful opportunity for beauty ambassadors to earn part-time income. Vist to shop for, makeup, beauty tools, and skincare products that is cruelty free, and nontoxic.

The blogger can be reached at via email at, you can visit her blog,, and read lifestyle updates, and tibits you can incorporate in your own routine.

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Cynthia Crosby is no longer affiliated with Maelle Beauty.

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