My Tailwind YOUR succes s!  Tailwind is a social media platform that I use for my blog, which creates an easier way to post and schedule soc...

My Tailwind YOUR success!

June 17, 2021 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 0 Comments

My Tailwind YOUR success! 

Tailwind is a social media platform that I use for my blog, which creates an easier way to post and schedule social media posts to Pinterest and to share with fellow bloggers and influencers to grow my audience. I use Tailwind for my blog Petals and Pens, Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle, and for my work as a Lifestyle Ambassador and entrepreneur. Tailwind has enhanced my blogging analytics, the top post features, allows for blogging growth to create more of the type of content that produces audience growth, follower count, and blogging success.

Tailwind Communities create growth post sharing and more visibility for content. By joining Tailwind Communities you can create audience growth, and blog growth which means more visitors to your post content, and more readers and visitors to your blog. Tailwind Communities, within the Tailwind Platform, has provided my blog with a way to easily share with communities and have increased my blogs visibility

Thanks to Tailwind I successfully manage my content in this way!


  • Blog Post Management
  • Blog Post Scheduling
  • Visibility
  • Growth
  • Audiences
  • Blog Audience Management


  • Top Posts
  • Most Recent Posts
  • Metrics

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Tailwind is an online application that assist in blog post management for Pinterest and Instagram, it creates a way to manage posts, and with Tailwind Create my blog posts scheduling is easier to manage. Tailwind is free and features paid plans with enhanced features.

Tailwind can be used for social media posting, for blogs, business, and personal, and is perfect for tt those who are interested in enhancing their content visibility and to manage their online social media content. 

This is how I use Tailwind and it has been a success, the communities I have joined allow for post, visibility to audiences. 

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