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How to Pick the Perfect Foundation by Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report

September 06, 2019 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 1 Comments

Cynthia Crosby, Beauty Ambassador

How to Pick the Perfect Foundation

STEP 1 Source your Foundation from your Top 3 Favorite Foundation Brands.

For Example, I chose MAC, L'Oreal, and CoverGirl then added French Beauty Brand Acti-labs.

MAC is unique and provides powder and liquid foundation for your use. L'Oreal is one of my favorite beauty brands and I love their makeup. CoverGirl, I was not a fan of CoverGirl growing up until they introduced True Match.

I used the color wheel to match my skin color and found the exact match, I was so impressed with the color and how lightweight it was that I am now a super fan of CoverGirl foundation. Acti-Labs is a french beauty and cosmeceutical brand I am an ambassador, and love full line of makeup, skincare, and wellness. 

STEP 2 Use the Foundation Matching Color Wheel Provided by the Brand

Many brands provide foundation guides, that match the color right to your skin, the color wheel is more advanced, whereby you don't have to buy the foundation and then get home and find out the color doesn't match. The colors on the color wheel is the exact color of the foundation that matches to your skin.

STEP 3 Try them out by Creating a Natural Look no Make-Up look at Home.

Watch Jessica Alba create her No-makeup look!

One of my favorite looks for Autumn is a natural look with mauve accents. I use a basic foundation and cream highlighter around my eyes to create a neutral color palette. You can do the same with your favorite beauty foundation. I then use a combination of pink and mauve color tones to highlight my eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Step 4 Try Contouring
If the one color is a shade or two darker, or a shade or two light, try contouring, if the color completely does not work, take it back and try a different shade or brand.

Step 5 Whala! You have Found the Perfect Shade
Now that you have followed the steps, and created a no make up look, you have found the perfect foundation. That will be your go-to foundation and foundational color palette to create your favorite looks night and day time makeup looks. You're Rad! You Rock! Eres Rad! You Rock! Votre Rad Vous Rock!

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