8 Ways to Have the Perfect Blog Pick a Niche Decide on your blogs Niche, what do you want to blog about? To decide, think about ...

8 Ways to Have the Perfect Blog

September 09, 2019 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 0 Comments

8 Ways to Have the Perfect Blog

Pick a Niche

Decide on your blogs Niche, what do you want to blog about? To decide, think about a topic you know a lot about. A topic you have a lot of expertise in or a topic you want to learn about. Fashion Niche 

Brand Blog

Brand your blog, theme, website, and content. Pick three colors for your brand, a stand out color or highlight color that pops, a background color, and base color. My blog colors are black, pink, cream, and white. Cream is my base color, and pink is my stand out color. Blog Brand

Blog Maintenance

Perform regular blog maintenance on your blog, at least once per month. Update your blog headers, ads, graphics. Many times as time goes by, links may become outdated, and or your promotions change. Review your blog posts and make sure everything stays up to date for new and regular visitors. Blog Maintenance Behind the Scenes of my Blog.

Brand Newsletter

Brand your newsletter with a unique theme for weekly updates.  Make your theme, beautiful and unique with a header graphic, logo, and a styled stock photo collection to update each week you send out your newsletter. Read Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report Latest Newsletter

Create a Free Offer

Besides your regular blog traffic visitors, you will want an audience to communicate with when you are ready to send out special offers, promotions, and to announce new blog posts on your blog. Creating a free offer such as an ebook or checklist will allow you to grow your list of email subscribers. Download Blog Freebie  

Monetize Blog with Affiliate Brands

I love to share unique brands, and brands that I like, know, and trust, a great way to do so is to sign up for affiliate brands. Signing up for affiliate brands also allows you to monetize your blog and make money. Display your affiliate brands within your relevant blog posts. Download List that includes Wholesale Fashion Websites for Bloggers 

Purchase a New Day Designer Planner

Create a Paid Optin Offer

Your blog is not only your hobby but eventually, you may want to turn it into an income-generating source, creating a paid product is a great way to do so. You can start by creating something of value, such as an educational ebook, or workshop.  This will not only help you earn money, but you will also build your audience and branding as well.  Buy Paid Offer 12 Pinterest Strategies to Grow your Audience to 26,000 Views and Beyond just $7.

Post Fabulous Content

One of the most important aspects of your blog besides those mentioned here is your blog's content. Posting fabulous content will gain you more readers, and repeat visitors to your blog. Posting relevant, consistent, content will gain more organic traffic and will help you to gain the trust of your readers. Read Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle Report Blog Content

This post contains an affiliate product link, if you make a purchase, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you the customer. 

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