My Advice for Shop Style Collective Blogger Blair Eadie's Challenge, in her featured ShopStyle Article. BLAIR EADIE’S TIPS FOR GROW...

My Advice for Shop Style Collective Blogger Blair Eadie's Challenge, in her featured ShopStyle Article.

January 19, 2019 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 0 Comments

My Advice for Shop Style Collective Blogger Blair Eadie's Challenge, in her featured ShopStyle Article.


What is still your biggest challenge? 

The changing landscape. It’s tough to keep up with all of the changing trends and new platforms of social media. I assess each platform and decide if I want to participate and at what level – oftentimes that process can be a challenge. 

"Blair Eadie, I would love for you to endorse this post, I am an affiliate of Alex Tooby's Instagram courses, and Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms, besides Pinterest. I have struggled, with similar change in trends, in my own lifestyle from Brand Ambassador, to online Micro-Influencer, to Blogger, and this has affected at what level I want to participate on Instagram, I like the way my Instagram profile is coming along, and Alex Tooby's courses helped me with clarity on understanding the platform, and how to use Instagram for business, personal, and for sales. I think focusing on the simplicity of branding, and display, will meet the challenge of changing trends, IGTV, for example, and 9Grid. Having a cohesive message, and displaying high-quality photos, is one way to keep your profile personable, trendy, growing, and fun to engage on."  Cynthia Crosby, Lifestyle Blogger

Hashtags are used on social media a lot these days, they began on Twitter and their popularity has increased and is the statement on Instagram.

Hashtags are used to increase your engagement, and the more strategy you apply to their use the better the engagement.


Hashtags will help you to create categories for your tweets, these will be found in search results, tweets with hashtags get more, retweets.

You should limit the hashtags limit to two. 10X Your Social Media Engagement with Hashtags, study shows, tweets with one or two hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with three or more hashtags.

You should create hashtags for branding and for Twitter chats.  I hope to host some Twitter chats pretty soon.


Hashtags are used to categorize your posts, on Instagram you can add more hashtags to further brand, categorize, and boost your post with popular hashtags.  Another study from 10x Your Productivity with Hashtags says posts with 11 hashtags get the most engagement 79.5%.

Think about what your audience searches for, and what posts you create and post them.  I recently updated my affiliate membership with Alex Tooby's Instagram Courses. They are super amazing and I am currently enrolled in the free course and will be offering both of the paid courses to my blog audience, and social media following, and reach.

It is super great to have an industry professional, with a boatload of success, to teach us, how to do it ourselves. I have seen some huge success in my likes on Instagram and even organic comments, on my posts from strictly hashtag alone, posted within my post description.  So I am excited my engagement on Instagram is working. Check out this blogger'st tips on increasing your Instagram followers too


There have been a few changes to Pinterest, but the hashtag work the same way, and when you click on a hashtag on search parameters will show in your search. You have to try using hashtags on Pinterest to see if it works, by following your analytics. No more than 20 Hashtags is the recommend, 20 is the suggested maximum.

It is super important to learn how to use Hashtags effectively, the following courses are your best bet for all your Instagram needs.

Check them out here.

Take these courses to rapidly increase your Instagram following, by 700  or more per week!! These courses teach you how to rapidly grow your Instagram following, and how to make money on your Instagram profile.  I am a brand influencer, so promoting brand products is important to me, and by being and Infamous to Influential Affiliate, I am getting a chance to teach fellow bloggers, entrepreneurs, and influencers, how to get the results they want on Instagram.  You have two wonderful choices to choose from, we are going to be running a 28 Day Instagram Course promotion.

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