How I Take Care of my Natural Hair, and keep it Healthy and Growing! Taking care of my natural hair, I generally focus on conditioning a...

How I Take Care of my Natural Hair, and keep it Healthy and Growing!

January 13, 2019 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 2 Comments

How I Take Care of my Natural Hair, and keep it Healthy and Growing!

Taking care of my natural hair, I generally focus on conditioning and moisturizing my natural hair, even while wearing wigs, and extensions.

My natural hair needs attention, and right now I am focusing on growing my hair, I have only let my hair grow to medium length, (pass the shoulder) then cut it, often when I was younger, and sported many short- hair and medium length hairstyles.

My favorite is to shampoo my hair with a moisturizing shampoo, I like Pantene too, but fineness use to be more of a personal favorite, it has more conditioning moisturizing properties in its shampoo and conditioner than Pantene, which makes the hair softer.

Then I focus on conditioning my hair with regular conditioner, then treating my hair with extra conditioning and letting the conditioner set on the hair for a longer period of time, then I skip this process for a week or two, to make sure my hair is not heavy, over conditioned, or lacking natural bounce and moisture.

Paying attention to my hair helps me promote healthy hair growth, and the ability to know what treating products I might want to try on my hair.  Treating products, like reconstructors, and straightening treatments help with maintaining hair health, elasticity, preventing breakages, and sealing the split ends and also thermal heating and styling.

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Visiting the salon is for optimal care and style, but being able to take care of your hair at home, and learn what works, is the most important.  Right now, I am focusing more on hair growth, I have found that hair skin and nail pills help to keep the hair full, and thick, and biotin helps the hair to stay strong, recently I tried Acti-Labs Capill Hair pills, (now available Acti-Labs Follicle Food) and my hair length grew, noticeably.  one phase of hair growth is medium length hair, and in between growth stages, having a great vitamin complex, that I have proven to work, is a wonder to me, I can't say that hair, skin and nail pills have actually grown my hair or nails, they have supported the health of my nails and hair, but the Acti-Labs Capill Hair Pills (now available Acti-Labs Follicle Food)  actually grew my hair, length, and biotin, I am kind of taking as a placebo, knowledge that it is good for your hair.  I don't have any drawbacks from taking Biotin, I just think it also helps maintain the health of my hair.

I think in the next 6 months I will place another order from my Acti-Labs Brand Ambassador account, as I am focusing on seeing considerable hair growth this year on my hair, generally my natural hair shrinks back, and shrinks back, but maybe if I keep my hands in it this year, it won't shrink, but will showcase,  length, than my normal medium length, stay put hair.

Shampoos I am using right now
Argan Oil and Cocoa Butter, Daily Defence Macadamia Oil, Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Water and Vanilla Extract

Treatments I have used in the past
Ion Reconstructor Treatment, Chi Thermal Straight Treatment

Conditioners I am using right now
Spa Haus Tea Tree Mint Conditioner,  Coconut Conditioner

Shampoos to revisit
Tresseme, Panteen, Finesse

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