Why I decided to become a MicroInfluencer  In 2015 I set out on my journey to become an entrepreneur, opening my childhood dream,...

Why I decided to become a MicroInfluencer

December 25, 2018 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 0 Comments

Why I decided to become a MicroInfluencer 

In 2015 I set out on my journey to become an entrepreneur, opening my childhood dream, a clothing boutique, that has evolved into a Lifestyle Company.  

I set out with a small investment and began procuring items and locations for my business. It was a wonderful time of growth and exploration plus learning.

As I worked on my lifestyle company, shelling out money into each and every little detail, I knew I had to find a job, to support my living expenses, and transportation, I was traveling a lot, picking up items for my business, 

I began working as an event worker, for a commercial home goods brand, and went on from there to become a brand ambassador, and have worked as a brand ambassador for 3 years, gaining experience in product promotions, sales, and marketing, for consumer brands, all while maintaining a lifestyle company brick and mortar store location for 2 and a half years.

In 2018 I decided to take my offline brand ambassador work online, as well as my retail store locations, I closed the businesses and opened my lifestyle company online. I am now an online micro-Influencer, the obvious choice for expanding my product knowledge, and to promote my online influence, to support brand awareness, and to gain reach for consumer brands and products I love. 

I have a small social media following, so being a micro-influencer is a good fit, I am growing my online following, and still have a small audience to communicate with. I am super excited about, what I am doing online, and the brands I am working with.

I have online influencer partnerships with Born Pretty, Yellow Beauty, Urban Decals, and Viraltag. these brands have selected me to support there brands more online, and to promote brand awareness through product reviews, blog posts, and social media mentions, in exchange for free products. 

My goal as an Influencer is to build my brand partnerships in 2019 to expand my lifestyle niche, followers, reach, likes, and comments online. I want to build genuine relationships with the brands I work with and to create a buzz for each product I promote, Born Pretty, is nail care, and beauty brand, that is getting a lot of attention from my audience, and I love the brand as well. They are one of my favorite sponsors. 

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