Starbucks and Cold Pressed Juice When Starbucks was first introduced I was excited about the Franchise, coming to marketing with spe...

Starbucks and Cold Pressed Juice

October 25, 2018 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 0 Comments

Starbucks and Cold Pressed Juice

When Starbucks was first introduced I was excited about the Franchise, coming to marketing with specialty drinks and coffee.  I remember Java City an online marketplace of sorts, I wasn’t really a coffee drinker at the time, but the idea was neat and it was a new market place and destination.

I had listened to old wives tales about coffee stunting your growth.  I was short as a kid and did not want to violate my human health.  How funny it seems now.  My stepmom would pour herself cusps of coffee and brew it during the day, mainly at breakfast and sometimes during the day.

I tried her coffee, once or twice. And she would offer me coffee for some reason or another I guess a drink alternative. I would alsways say no due to my old wives tale belief and did not want to stunt my growth with my short self at the time.

When I got older, young adult age, I actually would pick up McDonalds Coffee and it tasted well, I also would drink it “black” sometimes so I became a coffee drinker.

Starbucks has a variety of coffee’s I remember the order commercials, who could order the fastest, nonfat, skinny vanilla latte where really popular at the time.

I pick lattes, my favorite wholemilk non-special order, tall preferably. I also love Starbucks Green Tea Latte’s, Passion Fruit Drinks.  Venti Latte’s when I’m deeply thirsty, and Venti Water-what I ‘m binging on now. Its summertime and I have to stay Hydrated so a Venti Water is my Starbucks Drink of choice.

One of my other favorite drinks for the Summer are Cold Pressed Juices. Vibe Health Bar has them along with really awesome Acai Bows.

My Cold Pressed Juice Binge is really helping me. This Summer yesterday, I picked up a few juices, for the week to help maintain a current diet cleanse.

I am trying to eat cleaner, I have been developing allergies and I have a known sensitivity to the environment and my own, internal health.  So the Raw Honey Juice was an iffy choice.  But I tried a sample first and the sample proved to be super awesome.

I ‘m drinking a cold pressed juice now along side my Venti-Water from Starbucks. City scout-Raw Honey Juice Blend. Over the Rainbow a Strawberry Juice that actually tastes like a strawberry should taste, What’s up Doc along side my Chinese cuisine.

Thistle in San Francisco also has a really great Cold Pressed Juice Solution along with a Health Juice Cleanse Really Refreshing, Clean and Energy feeling. 

I have tried to create my own juice but was unable to achieve a juice that was drinkable.

Vive Health Bar Sacramento
Thistle San Francisco

Best Places to go for Summer Refreshment and vitality!

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