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Born Pretty Endless Love Nail Color Product Review

October 18, 2018 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 2 Comments

Born Pretty 

Summer Vibe

Nail Color Product Review

Summer Vibe Nail Color by Born Pretty

During Born Pretty's 8th Anniversary Sale,  customers received surprising gifts with their orders.  I am super amazed at Born Pretty's product selection.  

Here on my Blog, I prepared a product review of Born Pretty's Endless Love Nail Color,  one of three free products, I received in the mail, as part of Born Pretty's Influencer Program during their 8th Anniversary Celebration
Born features a wide selection of Nail Colors all Unique, and Beautiful. 

Small Plastic Bottle, Safety and Care

Born Pretty's Beautiful Packaging

Born Pretty Endless Love Nail Color Series Comes in a Beautiful Plastic Bottle, Compact, and the Right size for hand held application. This is a beautiful show of care, from the Born Pretty brand, and is safe for the customer. 

The right size product elegantly displayed and individually boxed. 

"I would never leave for a vacation without a bottle of Born Pretty Nail Polish", Cynthia Crosby Born Pretty Influencer

I received three free Nail Colors during Born Pretty's 8th Anniversary Celebration
Summer Vibe
Stand Out!

Summer Vibe  is a Beautiful Autumn Metallic and Glitttery Sparkle Nail Color,  perfect for any celebration.
Born Pretty,  "Summer Vibe is amazingly beautiful, the perfect nail color for Autumn and Winter",  Cynthia Crosby, Born Pretty, Influencer

See How the Colors Shimmer Through Ligh

Beautiful Simmer, Sparkling Autumn Notes and Hints of the Seasons Celebrations

Try One of Three Nail Colors Today!

Endless Love Series

A Beautiful Nail Color like this deserves the  best nails and hands. 

Born Pretty
Elegance and Style
Summer Vibe 

Nail Color

Beautiful Application, and Seasons Brightest Nails are Yours

Endless Love Series
Born Pretty
Nail Colors

Shop Born Pretty Nail Color and Purchase the Endless Love Series Nail Color Online Today!

Born Pretty Best Sellers!

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