Here are a few beauty selections, I have found, I like, while on travel stays. 1) Raw Sugar Handwash ,  P erfect for handwash,...

My Essential Travel Item List, Must haves, I have found I like and need while Traveling, or Commuting!

June 29, 2018 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 0 Comments

Here are a few beauty selections, I have found, I like, while on travel stays.

1)Raw Sugar Handwash
Perfect for handwash, and exillerating scent, and perfect for keeping tidy, on the go. The lemon scent is awakening, and it is all natural and organic, so it is none harsh, natural and the best handwash I have found, they even have a bath and shower line. 

2)Old Navy Vest
One of the items in my Fall/Winter Capsule wardrobe two Old Navy zip front vests. They were perfect in February and March for the nippy air breeze. Old Navy is the perfect clothier for your capsule wardrobe basics and essentials. 

3)Travel Luggage
In January I took a vacation to NYC and Vegas, and was without my normal essential luggage bag, I opted for an easy carry on bag, and purse. I quickly bought a new waterproof travel luggage, in hopes of taking a 10 day cruise within in the upcoming months.  

4)Body Balm 
I love Body Balm, in the Winter our skin becomes dry and as the cold and breeze increases, or pores become exposed to harsh elements, and mine becomes uber sensitive, i love the new Vasaline Cocoa Butter Body Balm

Ponds cream, has become my go to beauty protectant, it keeps my skin moisturized and retaining moisture. It is a secret drugstore, beauty secret.

6)Nail Care Kit
A great nailcare kit, is essiental for keeping nails, tidy, and clean, and one with tweezers and a beauty buffer is even more essiential to a great daily care regimen for brows and beauty. 

7)L'Oreal Lash Paradise 
Lash Paradise by L'Oreal is one of my new favorites, for my beauty bag, it is super luxurious, and the brand is a beauty fave!!

8)Treseme Shampoo, and extended haircare line. 
Treseme is perfect for my natural hair and for my extensions, it is salon care, and they have an extended haircare line that is salon grade.

9)Ponds Face Cream, various versions, 
Ponds has a selection of skincare products, my faves, are the mint green beauty cleanser, the black corrant spot corrector moisturizing cream, and anti-wrinkle cream!

10)strand curlers, 
Strand curlers, are the perfect items for keeping and maintaining curls. Available at Target.

Having a gps, has been essential, to making it to event locations on time, as a brand ambassador, and to my Airbnb, rental reservations.  Target and Walmart are great sources places to buy, Garmin, Magellen, or Tom Tom. I like to purchase the warranty for just incase purposses. 

12)Rearview camera. RVS-770613 Top Rated Rear View Back Up Camera 
In 2016 i purchased a rear view camera device, but did not know how to install it, it was a device i order from a tech giant, but I am sure these items are handy if not installed in the car. 

Best thing I saw, a Shesido in a town, when I needed.

I purchaed a Shesido White Lucent Set last year, after recieivng a free gift with purchase, on a special gift item.  While working near Milipatis California, I saw an independent Shesido store, I only new the store to be located inside of Macy's. This was perfect, when I did not bring my White Lucient Face Wash and Illumizer on a work stay, in Palo Alto, CA, and was happy to know one was nearby during my stay, incase I needed to go pick up  the amzaing skincare item. 

Travel, driving, and working outside, at events, and promoting and marketing for a Real Estate app, outside of open houses can create dirt build up on the skin. Shesido White lucient is cleansing, illuminizing, and luxurious skincare. 

Shiseido - The perfect way to pack your summer essentials. Get 3 free perfect-sized pouches with your $50 Shiseido purchase!

Things I have found, I wish I had while commuting.

Car trash can, a trunk organizer

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