How I use Viraltag , to schedule my social media posts. and how automation helps me to grow my blog, and be more productive. I dec...

How I use Viraltag, to schedule my social media posts. and how automation helps me to grow my blog, and be more productive

June 12, 2018 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 1 Comments

How I use Viraltag, to schedule my social media posts. and how automation helps me to grow my blog, and be more productive.

I decided to write a review about how to automate social media using the social media scheduling platform, I am using to schedule my blog post graphics.  Viraltag, is a social media automation tool, that allows you to schedule your social media graphics, in bulk, along with your blogs editorial calendar that joins with your social content calendar.

Viraltag automated social media marketing software is perfect for marketing your social graphics, blog posts, product campaigns, and showcasing your brand. It is also very affordable, and offers a free-trial social media management software, so you can test out your marketing automation, with the best social media automation tools today.

Viraltag is one of the best social media marketing tools perfect for bloggers and influencers, posting to social media platforms allows your blog to have more reach. Having more reach allows you to build your audience, and monetize your campaigns.
I use Canva to create social media graphics in line with the content within my blog posts. First by designing the graphics in Canva, I will have visually, appealing social graphics, and design displays, to appeal to my audience, and showcase products, I am currently promoting on my blog, and to share social content, in a more strategic way to build more purpose for my blog content.

With Viraltag's design feature I am able to design via Canva, all the social media graphics aligned with the type of social posts, I am scheduling. The Design feature is connected right with the Canva's Design app, I can auto post to facebook and my two other favorite social media networks, makes Viraltag a one place marketing and design too.

I will be able to schedule the pin graphics, I create and post them on a schedule, using Viraltag's scheduling tool, within the apps web platform.  I like to design pinnable graphics for each blog post I create, and I am promoting a product as a campaign, I like to create multiple versions and styles for the campaigns reach.

One of the most recent social campaigns I created was for Target's Opal Collection, a new home line introduced by the brand.  I utilized Viraltag to schedule blog post pinnable graphics on Pinterest it truly the best social media platforms for marketing.

Viraltag is one of the best social media platforms for marketing and features, a content tool,social media dashboard, with a feed of content that allows for content automation. One of the affiliate brands I market, hosted a webinar, for a product introduction, I was able to schedule an automated pin schedule for the upcoming webinar announcement and tutorial.

This made for better opportunities to reach audiences that would be interested in such a product and to raise more awareness about Restored 316's new Website Theme, Refined Theme. As a Blogger Resorted 316 Refined Theme is one of the new affiliate brands I have selected to monetize my blog.

Viraltag automatic social media posting allowed me to promote the brands new product introduction, a training webinar aligned with the announcements. You can schedule your pins along with automation schedule, or you can customize your own social media schedule.  This is a very unique feature and can be paired with your blogs schedule, and or your social media marketing schedule.

One of the educational posts I created, " How to create a blog" was easily marketable via Viraltag, and the Pinterest Pin I created using Canva, was easily visible to my 26.000 per month Pinterest Visitors. Viraltag's automation tool, pinned the post graphics into the boards I selected for promotions, and are easily displayed on my Pinterest profile.

Viraltag allows me to schedule pins in bulk or on a schedule with my blog, so I can post the blog graphic to my social media profiles, I like to post them a day after I publish my blog post.

Below are a few posts from my blogging, I created Pinterest graphics for automation marketing of my blog posts, and posted marketing graphics for a affiliate product., in Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of my chosen social media platforms,  am using to grow the visitors to my blog and my blog posts to lifestyle audiences.  Viraltag allows less worry about scheduling and provides the ability to plan post graphics, and to visibly see the posts, online.

Viraltag allows me to put the SEO keywords, I have chosen for each pin in the description within my account. Viraltag also allows you options on the social media platforms you want to promote on.

Pinterest and Instagram are my top choices, Pinterest is a search engine, so promoting your pins on Pinterest allows your content to show up in searches results and allows your audience to located products and to learn about topics they are looking for.

Viraltag for your social media is awesome, and Instagram is  a story board, so you can build and develop a story board using Viral Tag, using the popular 9 Grid format.

Once I have selected the social media graphics, I want to post to in my Pinterest account, in Viraltag, I am able to see which, boards I have created by topic in Viraltag, and post directly to Pinterest.

The best thing about Viraltag is it very streamlined and structured and easy to use It allows me to upload social graphics and design graphics by social post, sizing and standard format for marketing automation and social media.

There is also ongoing support, I found the application complicated in the beginning, but there are tutorials available all about social media marketing to teach how to use Viraltag for your social media scheduling.

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