I shop at Target often and fill my buggy with items for my complete and total everyday use. I picked up this favorite item in S...

Raw Sugar Honey Household Cleaning Products by Pure Cal Cold Pressed Technology

May 10, 2018 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 0 Comments

I shop at Target often and fill my buggy with items for my complete and total everyday use. I picked up this favorite item in September, and it is amazing I love it so much.  Here is a Review, of the Cold Pressed Technology Natural Hand Wash, I purchased at Target Raw Sugar Lemon Sugar Handwash and more products from the Cold Pressed Technology Raw Sugar Line.

I highly recommend this 16.9 oz  Handwash for household handwashing, and for digital nomads who travel often.  The fresh lemon scent, is very awakening and gives a healthy sense of balance and life. 

When I travel, I dislike using the handwash and hand soaps in Hotels and Airbnb's, so upon an extended stay, and Target shopping haul, I purchased a 16.9 fl oz, bottle of Raw Sugar Natural Hand Wash.  The Lemon Sugar Hand Wash is so clean, invigorating, and tantalizing to the senses, that I began using it in the shower.

It livens up the body senses and leaves your skin feeling clean and healthy.  I am so happy I added this product to my daily lifestyle routine, it has helped me through travels, where my hands would gather and pick up dirt, and my nose senses would be clogged from air travel and ground travel and public transportation.  

Cleaning my hands with this Cold Pressed Technology product also means, I know my hands will be less dry, so I don't have to use pore-clogging lotions.  The large bottle lasted me 7 months so it is very economical, and at $4.99 it is the best choice for clean living and a very healthy household.

Body Wash

Upon visiting Target's website to see how to reorder the product I had previously purchased and love, fearing it would no longer be at the stores, I found out there is a full array of products from the Raw Sugar line by Cold Pressed Technology.  I also now have a choice of purchasing the body wash, and scrubs that are available in other scents.

Lemon Sugar Raw Sugar Soap.

8 months later and I am at the bottom of the barrel of the Handwash bottle, and can't wait to reorder the product. Raw Sugar Natural Hand Wash Lemon Sugar is made from a natural coconut oil and plant-based blend for pure skin nutrition. Pick up a bottle at your local Target, and or make an online purchase today here at Target $4.99

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