Jane Larkworthy's Interview on W-Magazine with Glossier, Founder Emily Weiss Let's start at the beginning--how did you de...

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Jane Larkworthy's Interview on W-Magazine with Glossier, Founder Emily Weiss

Let's start at the beginning--how did you decide to launch Into the Gloss?
Well, it was 2010, back when I had discovered this world of personal style bloggers. I was really impressed with people like Tommy Ton and Garance [Dore] and the Sartorialist. And I was really excited that there were other channels that were being created for fashion by people who saw the need to create a different side of things. And personally, I’d always loved beauty. I’m a lover and consumer of beauty. This is my first job in the beauty industry.
What beauty products always in your purse?
Coconutbalm.com, and various samples of other stuff.
That we’re not allowed to know yet.
Can’t blame a girl for trying. What beauty trend do you not get?
You know what I didn’t get? Dermablading, but there’s a great article about it on intothegloss.com. Brennan Kilbane went and did it and wrote about his whole experience. He’s a hysterical writer, and I got it after I read it.

Who cuts your hair?
Cim Mahoney just cut it. He’s from Denmark. He’s a big time on-set hairstylist in Europe, but he’s in town doing a shoot, so I just got it cut. He did it when I was in Copenhagen in March or April and it was the best haircut, and I’m so happy I just got it cut again this morning. He’s so good.
Who’s your dermatologist?
Robert Anolik. I really like him.
What was your worst beauty blunder?
I think it’s been my hair. I’ve had really strong moments, I’ve had highs, and lows. The blunder would be when I cut it off to this short mullet after it was platinum, then I dyed it brown. But I didn’t like the feeling of it so I just cut it off, and I shouldn’t have done that. I got extensions for six months to help ease that, then when I took them out it was just as bad.
What was your first fragrance?
I think it was Gucci Rush, which was so, like, womanly. No, my first was probably Clinique Happy, then Michael Kors’s first fragrance, then Gucci Rush. I think I wore Gucci Rush in eighth grade. I was like this tiny eighth grader walking around wearing Gucci Rush.
If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?
I think I would probably be a food critic. But my version of a food critic, a non-expert. I wouldn’t be trained in food; I would just eat.
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What women are doing it right right now?
Michelle Obama. Can we just have her as president? Can we please make that happen? She needs some time off. She needs a break, and then she come back in four years, fully ready. I’m also always inspired by my friend [Nasty Gal founder] Sophia Amoruso. She trusts her gut and keeps moving. She does it right.
Who was your first beauty icon?
Probably Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.
What your workout?
I do Physique 57 once a week.
Favorite beauty hack?
I don’t know if it’s a hack, but I drink hot water with lemon every morning.
Frankly, Priming Moisturizer by Glossier. I didn’t even know how good it was until I stopped using it, so I could use an $800 moisturizer from this other brand—because of course, I was going to try it to see what it was about. Two weeks later, I put the priming moist on again and within a day, it improved my skin so much. I had no idea how good the ingredients in Priming Moisturizer in this made my skin brighter. I thought I’m never going to use another moisturizer again.
What are you currently obsessed with? I’m currently obsessed with baths. I love a bath, I love a bath. I put epsom salt in it, and that’s all. I do once a week and I like to do it on weekend afternoons when sun is streaming through the window onto my soaking body. I follow the Japanese bathing school of thought which is not to get clean but to soak and release and all that. So, I’m usually clean when I take a bath. You have to get in when it’s super, super hot, then as the bath cools down, it draws out the toxins from your body. You don’t’ have to wait until it’s actually cold, but you have to wait 45 minutes until it breaks. I believe in this whole thing.

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