Commuting and Altering Living Places In 2016 after renting a house in California for a year, and sublet in apartment for 3 months wh...

Commuting and Altering Living Places

May 27, 2018 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 0 Comments

Commuting and Altering Living Places

In 2016 after renting a house in California for a year, and sublet in apartment for 3 months while the leaser were on vacation during summer break, I decided, not to rent anymore.

I was still new to California, and had just set out on my own in 2015, and had a stable place to stay, and secured entrepreneur store space and office space.  I thought, I was well on my way, but could not fight the overbearing personal feelings I had began experiencing from the rental house landlord, and the commercial lease landlords.

So, I decided to be free from rental landlords, rousey neighbors and privacy violations that have affected my human rights.

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I have been commuting as a brand ambassador to different cities, upon event dates, in cities 1 hour or more away, from my own semi-permanent residence, and it just began to make sense, Airbnb's are really popular and hotels are reasonably priced, at market rates, so the transition worked, and has been working for me ever since.

I did sleep in my car at a rest area, upon switching jobs, then found another job as a Brand Ambassador,  I had to stay within the city and nearby towns and found a low-cost city hotel that was really great to stay, their room service was really good, and the meal selection was a menu conducive to an average person's daily eating choice.

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It can get costly traveling and be commuting to and from work, and finding a more consistent, Brand Ambassador job, was a perk, and complementary to the experience I had been building as a BA, on my resume. I deserved it, and did not know, that those opportunities were available, most of the BA work was event day only once and sometimes three times per week.

Reali Real estate app Palo Alto, California

This opportunity was 4 to 5 days per week, for a software app, and really great hours and the hourly pay was on par, close to the rate of pay I was receiving as an L'Oreal Brand Ambassador while working for a great Brand Agency.

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Financial, rewarding yes, but it can be expensive to live this way and having to sleep at a rest area for a period of time, is not illegal, but it worked for the time being, until I lost both jobs on the same day, disappointing, but it lead me back to business opportunities.

Some may look at it suspiciously, I've found avenues and it has been rewarding, and a valuable use of available resources, and growing in these experiences made it easier, and fun. I wonder, and although I am not lost, I always find my way, and my purpose is so fulfilled, that I am in a very clean state of peace, and wholesomeness, that I am supported at.

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Traveling and commuting for work, and finding an alternative to long-term renting, has been very relieving.   Why I never thought to live this way early on, is because I wanted to stay close to my entrepreneurial site in the chosen area of town I had located for my entrepreneurial endeavors.  While I worked and built them, plus supporting my living expenses, while I maintain rental obligations, while I was building my lifestyle company idea and concept.

I now have utilized the living choices, of hotel booking, hostel reservation, and Airbnb, and rest area if needed. This alternative living lifestyle choice has caused me to want to travel, and explore living abroad, traveling to a different local destination each month I hope I get a chance to make this choice and find value in what I am learning on each trip.

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I have been keeping a journal of my experience, and now have traveled, to cites and towns within California, and decided to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, and New York City, New York this January after taking a one year leave of absence from work. Explore Events and Activities in New York City with Active NYC

When I returned to California, I had decided to become a blogger, take my offline business online, take my offline brand ambassador work online, and to take a break from the stressors of being an entrepreneur, and to think about all the lessons I have learned, since, I first moved to California in 2014.

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What is not working for me, and what is working for me, being young and vulnerable,  and having my spirit and own responsibilities grabbed by landlords, the college students I subleased from during their school vacation, did not behave the way the rental house, and the rental office landlords did, but it was scary and frightening, I experienced personal darkness from them, and began to experience issues while traveling to BA events, sinus, allergies, premonitions, and I was often harassed onsite at the locations.

So although. I had invested all of my money in the business, if I would have had marketing dollars, it would have been a liability to bring customers to the lifestyle company store location, so I was left in a compromising position, and just utilized the space, for business development, during the time of my entrepreneurial, journey and bringing my dreams to life, in a real-life concept model idea, and in reality with its interior design, it looked like a cruise ship.

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So I know my idea is real, massive, fun, real-life, and amazing! I just have to keep taking my opportunities in life, to learn, grow, and explore and to love my journey.

My solution to closing my offline business and losing half of my business objects, and depreciating inventory, is to go online and create an online business.  I have already created an online store in partnership with influencer brand ShopStyle Collective, and affiliate publisher Rakuten. Visit Posh lifestyle Company Online here

Airbnb is a really great business, with hosts who rent out their locations to travelers and have options for extended work stays for busy travelers, business travelers, and great workplace strategy, one of the amenities they all have is free Wi-Fi which is perfect, those with a virtual office work from home.

If you are interested in booking and Airbnb on your next travel or seeing what it is like, here is a link Try Airbnb with this free travel credit $40

Also if you are interested in becoming an Airbnb host here is a link to become a host.

I use Airbnb, as a more affordable and home-like option versus hotels, that can be pricy, Airbnb is perfect for brand ambassador travel and influencer travel

The options out there for busy brand ambassadors are amazing, some hotels offer great weekly rates, Extended Stay is amazing, you have your own small apartment for a discounted extended stay period of 8 days, and you can basically make yourself a home and work from home travel office.

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When on the go and traveling between Brand Ambassador jobs, I use meal ordering sites like Grubhub and Yelp, Doordash to have nice enjoyable meals where ever I am. You can use this link to Doordash.

One of the amenities of locations such as an Airbnb Rental and Extended Stay is they have kitchen access. I use Instacart, and Safeway to order groceries. promo code, for $10 off CCROSBY11B12E.

Here are a few of my favorite grocery selections while on travel stays.

Here are a few beauty selections, I have found, I like, while on travel stays.

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Best thing I saw, a Shiseido in a town, when I needed.

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Things I have found, I wish I had while commuting.
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