This Month we want to share beauty tips and tools and unique food uses, that will help you have a Fabulous Month!!  H...

Beauty Tips, Tools and Make up and food Uses for a Fabulous Month!

May 19, 2018 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 0 Comments

This Month we want to share beauty tips and tools and unique food uses, that will help you have a Fabulous Month!! 

Healthy, Vibrant and Beautiful Skin is a beauty girl's, must, and what better way to have beautiful skin, than from natures finest ingredients.  I recently shared a little unknown fact about me my middle name is French! The French are known for beautiful skin, and luxurious skincare, so we are sharing a few French Girl skincare products you will all love, as well as a complete assortment of beauty tools and makeup you won't have to restock next month.

As well as a few super trendy style guides, and some bluppers from one of my favorite beauty demo's. I represented L'Oreal as a brand ambassador for 2 years and had a chance to represent the beauty brand's company of brand names, including Maybelline and Essie.

During the month, of beauty, chic, galore, and minimalism, we all have our uses and make time to purchase our favorite items.  The items I am sharing with you this month can be purchased online, or at your local beauty store.  I purchase new makeup products and or replacement products every few months, and sometimes purchase totally new beauty items, especially since I moved to California, and my skin changed due to the in climate weather.

Since then I have become accustomed to changing my make up brand ever so often, to try out new brands and labels.  One of my faves is Laura Mercier! A very sleek and classy makeup and beauty company, that I love. This post, beauty tips and tools and unique food uses, that will help you have a Fabulous month will help you get through the month, with luxury class, and style conscious finds to add to your already illustrous collection. 

A clean and healthy face is the first step to sheer beauty! Having beautiful glowing and healthy skin will make your skin and makeup routine radiate. Try these natural beauty routines, to achieve the skincare goals you desire. You can achieve healthy glowing skin and correct your skin issues with this unique natural food uses. 

Natural Skincare Treatments, using Yogurt from your Refridegerator 

Yogurt + Honey = Acne
Yogurt + Egg = Dry Hair
Yogurt + Lemon = Black heads
Yogurt + Oatmeal + Lemon = Oily Skin
Yogurt + Honey + Banana = Wrinkles

Click the ingredient available at Amazon  and Walmart



                                   essie 2-Pc. Speed Setter Top Coat & Nail Polish Set

Maybelline Color Sensational Powder Matte Lipstick - 0.15oz

Finely ground organic botanical powders provide gentle, effective exfoliation without over-cleansing. This deeply detoxifying, skin-clarifying formula is packed with antioxidants and scented with natural herbs and flowers. Like all French Girl offerings, it is free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic preservatives, petroleum, silicone, phthalates and fragrance oils, and is 90-100% certified organic.

How to use: Hold a dime-sized amount in your palm and moisten with drops of water or toner. Apply to clean face using circular motions and let sit for two minutes. Rinse with warm water.

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