My Capsule Wardrobe  From Casual to Chic Purchased October-November 2017 Old Navy  Office Casual Stiped Tank ...

My Capsule Wardrobe from Casual to Chic

December 25, 2017 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 8 Comments

My Capsule Wardrobe 

From Casual to Chic

Purchased October-November 2017

Old Navy 


Office Casual Stiped Tank
(I have worn this item a few times, it makes me feel professional and classy, my purchase is a little body-hugging, but it makes me feel warm, Cynthia Crosby, Lifestyle Blogger, and Entrepreneur)
Dress, that is perfect for upscale, dining, meeting, or just hanging out with friends, I purchased the pink dress it is a deep mauve pink with gold buttons in the back. I love it. I have not worn this dress yet, but it is one of my fave, capsule wardrobe purchases. 
Crew Neck Sweater
This sweater is so comfortable and chic, I love it, it makes me look mature as a writer. 
Style Upgrade, I love the look and feel of this V-Neck Crew sweater, it is a classic style statement for casual elegance. I would purchase this item from Old Navy as a style upgrade.
When I purchased this skirt I had so many choices in mind, on how to style the skirt, what combination ensemble pieces I would wear with it, and what look and feel would suit me.  I have not worn this ensemble yet, but I have a new pair of tights, I am thinking about wearing with this item. 
Classic Shawl, perfect over the shoulder item to help keep warm, with beautiful styling,  My purchase is light pink!
Another take on the Classic, Crew Sweater, I love this look, casual, laid back, and trendy. 
Keeping warm in the winter is important, this is a new fave, I purchased and have enjoyed wearing it. 
I purchased a light grey, matte version of this vest. The fest is super chic and stands out as an ensemble addition that is worth its wear.

A Perfect Capsule wardrobe includes everyday wear items that are ready-to-wear, versatile, and multi-pairing, these items can be arranged into several looks. Capsule wardrobes are perfect for creating seasonal looks, and style choices for the season, or new lifestyle change. 

Having a few standout pieces, such as the casual-dressy dress featured in my collection, will ensure your capsule wardrobe is not boring, and you won't get tired of your selection.  I decided to purchase a new capsule wardrobe, to save space while traveling, and in-between places to stay, to save money, and to relax and focus on myself, as I transition into new lifestyle changes.  

I have enjoyed my capsule wardrobe choices, some are closet staples, and others such as the featured vest is an added item for winter months. When it's not cold enough for a coat, or winter jacket, but a vest such as the one I bought from Old Navy is a perfect vested ensemble pairing that is warm, casual, chic, professional, and stands out, in changing season and environment.


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Clothing items to include in your next capsule wardrobe.

Classic Graphic T-Shirt
Lounge Pants, (knit and comfortable)
Denim (relaxed fit jeans)
Button Shirt (nice for office, or at home DIY's)
A pair of loafers or oxfords (casual shoes that are comfortable for home or outerwear)
A Crew Neck Long-Sleeve Shirt

You can create a capsule wardrobe for less than $300, if you are super frugal, and know how and where to shop, you can have a 5-6 piece clothing collection (a new capsule wardrobe) for less than $100. 

Retailers, offer daily sales, special offers, and promo codes, that help to save you money, and with online shopping being the next best way to reach shoppers, over brick and mortar stores. Buying online, is easier and easier, and a great option for planning, and saving time.

Cynthia Crosby~
Lifestyle Fanatic and Blogger

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  1. Great tips, I’m as plain Jane as they come. I really need someone to tell me what goes with what, this is some nice stuff!

  2. I agree - I usually go for easy match up clothes. I store some of it in different colors and then match it with different denim - so seems like I have so much clothes. - eliza

  3. You do have pretty good suggestions for a capsule wardrobe. I should try setting some up too. Shopping for clothes this way is more economical and would make it look like you've got a lot just my mixing and matching tops and jeans or skirts. Thanks for the style inspiration!

  4. I have a friend who did this! A capsule wardrobe is so smart and thrifty. And I don't think others notice that you are wearing a lot of the same things. So fun!

  5. Nice mix of stuff. I love the Team USA Beanie! Cool style.

  6. Looks like a great selection of choices that mix and match really well. I love the jumpers and the skirt.

  7. These are all great selections. I always on the look out for some casual smart pieces that can fit in with chic wear.

    Style & Life by Susana

  8. I love all the options here. Especially the black sweater, which is my favorite, I think there are so many options there!