I am taking a trip to Las Vegas and then on to New York, Ok, I haven't had a Vacation in a few years! Ok, so I went to a SF...

Las Vegas to New York!! Travel, Blogging, Outfit's I'm Planning! and Destinations!

December 31, 2017 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 7 Comments

I am taking a trip to Las Vegas and then on to New York, Ok, I haven't had a Vacation in a few years! Ok, so I went to a SF Museum and stayed at a nice hotel! So!!! I know I really need to take a break from work and my entrepreneurial activities!! So I know I have heard it all before!! a really great thing!! Travel from Las Vegas to New York!! Is an amazing opportunity!! I get to go and see two of the United States most illustrious cities! Luvs!! Luvs!!~~

Las Vegas + New York 

Style Choices!!

I think this outfit will be pretty in New York, around the hotel, I want to visit a few bistros, (as a blogger) and maybe even the Empire State Building!! 

My first choice was to order this dress in white, but I was unsure of the size, so I'll be wearing the first one (I choose burgundy instead)

Hello!! What is the temperature in Vegas? Living Social has these really great VIP and A-List Tours, and they also have this super amazing, Nightlife tour. Party wanna Vegas, lol!! Super fun and oh Vegas Nights!! I'm in!! But there is also this really awesome House of Blues special that is on Living Social as well! 

While at the Las Vegas Convention Center or I could still relax and take a trip to the Spa!! There is also an evening relaxer, A floor with saunas, pools, cabanas, and a great in hotel amenity. 

It may be too cold, but just in case, sauna, and a swimsuit cover for a super cool water destination, 

Plane Wear! These this comfortable outfit will go really great with my blue tights I can stay nice and warm at the fitness center, and also great for my plain travel to New York!!

These are super cute, and awesome for travel too. future destination!! I saw a super cute destination, Cruise, from CA. ( These should be included in my future purchase list, below, but I included it here) they are just like these black, slip sandals. 

Whoo! this looks flamboyant!!, but I have a smaller frame, it actually encourages me to work out! And it is perfect for a swimsuit to wear, with the swimsuit cover!!

Thes are also chic, and perfect, low heal, since I choose a lower heel to wear with the pink dress, and may go with the full ensemble. 

Now I do love lingerie, but this super comfy sleepwear is my choice night nighty for my Vegas and New York Vacation!!

This one is to thin, for the current weather, but it will be perfect for hotel lounging and blogging. Perfect for touring, and canvassing around my New York, Hotel. 

Sleep-stays and Air Travel may cause extended sleep and relaxation, but also perfect for early morning lounging.

Blogging in New York will be fun!!, I Living Social has destination choices in both Cities, affordable eateries, tours to Manhattan, and a lot of very cost effective things to do! 

Currently in my faves for future purchase!
I could easily incorporate these style choices into my, wardrobe to build on it. 

These look like the perfect travel shoes, perfect to wear while walking and taking cultural tours. 

Thes are cute too, perfect for travel too, I will likely purchase these over the course of the year.

While traveling, I do like to continue to work out, helps with stress, sluggishness, and helps me with my own healthy lifestyle. 

Cruises are nice, the Destination Cruises but more visits to the gym are a few more weeks! To say my own body feels gym ready. 

This is super cute when purchasing travel outfits, and thinking of all the things to buy and pack, never forget to pack underwear, even if it is lingerie. 

I love this, I have seen these suits, and I want a mauve one, this one fits cruise and travel season. 


  1. A lot of cute and stylish options to choose from! I especially love the hot pink dress listed in the Las Vegas section!

  2. I hope that you will have a good time in New York visiting the bistros and go wild at the parties in Las Vegas. Personally I love that tropical print dress at the end and the sandals you had featured, especially the brown rope tie one and black heeled sandals were super cute picks for your vacation!

  3. So much fun visiting New york and Las vegas!!! Crushing on The red dress you have chosen to visit the Bistros in NYC!! Have fun!!

  4. Omg you are going to have such a blast in Vegas!! I visited a few years back and I fell in love. I'm still waiting to hop over to New York now! Your style picks for this trip are absolutely outta this world! I'm loving on all of them! Have fun!

  5. Nice list of cute and fashionable clothes. I agree with your choices of footwear, I normally go for comfortable one when I travel. - eliza

  6. This is what I need to do. I often neglect planning my outfit for travels because I pack the last minute. I always end up picking random clothes in my closet.
    I'll definitely consider the clothes you have chosen.

  7. When my family and I travelled to New York, I just work sweatshirts haha!

    Btw, I like the slip-on sandals ;)