My Routine Yoga, Eating Healthy, Blogging activities, and daily practices, that are now apart of my lifestyle. Most of my day i...

My Routine

October 18, 2017 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 13 Comments

My Routine

Yoga, Eating Healthy, Blogging

activities, and daily practices, that are now apart of my lifestyle.

Most of my day is spent, organizing and building businesses, and in relaxation mode, to fight stress and now irritability.  I am hyperactive by nature, light-hearted by rite, and I have a genuine personality and my intentions are always good. 

Since my work injuries, I feel irritable, balancing nerves, stress, and anxiety.  The pain from my injuries luckily comes and goes, and I have now understood, when those moments come and how to deal with the bouts of pain and aches and soreness.

One of the things I have learned most is to relax, take nice breaths, and to focus on something, most times myself, but while practicing mindfulness, I usually focus my mind on what I am doing, and concentrate on something in particular, about what I am doing, with more interest, and with more awareness, and with more attention.

Gaiam Premium Lily Shadows Yoga Mat (5mm)

Today I spent my time debating my new Yoga, regimen, Vinyasa Yoga has always intrigued me, and was always interesting, I always feel the need for a cardio regimen, due to my hyperactivity, but can only do so much, with my current injuries, fears, and all the new programs out there, I always want the perfect program for me, that works, and have been blessed to most times find what works best for me and work with it, and follow it for years.  Now, I have had some downtime and some strenuousness from moves, transitions, and just world changes, that I am trying to realign so I can recenter.

A great Morning Yoga Program 30 minutes or more works best for me and helps to increase energy and awakening for the day.  A cup of green tea, steeped in a teapot, makes me feel healthy and provides balance and warmth.  

Working on my brand and business ideas provides, focus, helps me to feel I am creative and helps me to apply my creativity to branding and design, and my idea generating mindset brings to life businesses I love and am proud of.  Today I worked on new autumn designs for my Facebook group, Blogging and Business Coaching.

The time I spent online, at my computer, and organizing todo's for personal tasks, was productive, and resourceful.  One thing that I really love to do is to, exercise, so I listened to a Yoga CD, and logged, which songs, I would like to do Yoga with, I identified one of the songs that would be great for cleansing yoga, and others for a more upbeat yoga flow.

So basically my daily routine includes exercise, enjoying healthy meals, maintaining my health, building businesses, working online on creative endeavors, and practicing mindfulness.

I Love Eating Healthy Greens, such as Kale, Spinach, and Leafy Lettuces such as Romaine Thrive Market Has Healthy Organic Foods that are Flavorful and Yum.
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Here is an example of an ideal daily or weekly workout routine (3 x per week)

I recently found this Shamanic Music Video, I stretched for 10-15 minutes and felt like I could actually stretch and relax.

After Stretching Practicing a Series of Yoga Poses, helps me to learn new poses, maintain my Yoga Practice, when I can't do Yoga due to pain from work injuries.

GymRa Has a Series of Workouts on their Youtube Channel, this is one of my favorites, it is an ideal daily workout, that is do able without weights.

I Love Yoga, I began practicing Yoga with Patricia Walden and Rodney Yee, while working my first real job as a consultant. Vinyasa Yoga is my new body krave and fav!

Breakfast is not my favorite meal of the day, so Ideally I would like to follow a similar healthy meal plan that includes edible breakfasts like the ones in this video, I do love fruits! and nuts!

These Dinners are amazing this is my goal for healthy eating and meal prep, for this eating regimen for a week and this workout plan and slay your goals!

She prepares these smoothies with so much care that, I know I will love everyone she prepares! This tops my Daily routine and ideal daily routine. After this, I am back to work working on entrepreneur goals!!

Jenny Mustard has these Really Great Videos on Youtube where she teaches Minimalism!

She is Super Great Check Her out Here

For about two years I have worked as a Brand Ambassador, Here is a promo form an Event!

Here is a blooper of me practicing a video Thank You for my favorite MBA Player! Tony Parker!!

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  1. Yoga is one of the most relaxing exercises that I've tried and I love that it gives you peace of mind and relieves your stress. It's nice that your day includes taking good care of your health. That's really essential.

  2. It is so hard to find balance in our lives of crazy high expectations and schedules to maintain. I am reminded of the importance of prioritizing your health and your mindfulness.

  3. People who have never tried yoga really underestimate the value of it. It is actually a great form of exercise with many benefits and it IS challenging. Some think you "just stretch. " It is sa great way to start your day, get the blood flowing and relieve stress.

  4. It sounds like you have a great routine - mine is all over the place! I do love yoga though and have recently been going to a class!

  5. I am a huge fan of yoga with Adrienne on YouTube but I feel like I have been in a little bit of a rut with doing that lately. I need to get a morning routine back up and running. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Yoga is truly a healer , healer of both mind and body. I'm certified in Yoga training but after my son, it all stopped due to increased responsibilities. This year, I have planned to take it up again atleast for min 30 min a day.

  7. Having a routine is so important for staying active and healthy, it's easy to slip. Yoga isn't my cup of tea, but everyone has to find the right program for them and they lifestyle.

  8. I love that you included videos! I am SO BAD about having any sort of routine, but I really appreciate the inspiration. <3

  9. I've recently been trying to mimic Benjamin Franklin's routine, and have been doing pretty great with it. The waking up at 5:00am hasn't been happening routinely, but the actual routine and planning has. My productivity has increased 5000%.

  10. I totally love yoga I find it really helps me to keep fit but at the same time it really relaxes my mind. Also you are right in saying having a routine is so very important.

  11. I love yoga! It not heals you physically but also mentally. It looks like a great routine to follow for healthy and mindful living. :)

  12. Your routine sounds so motivating! I love yoga and it has so many health benefits. It can really make a change to the whole day. Polly

  13. Life can certainly be a roller coaster and we all need an outlet and a healthy one at that to work out the week's stresses. Thanks for the vids FYI x