How Eating Whole Foods Stabilize Your Life and Your Day.  Today I feel relaxed, I just got out of the shower after a morning interview...

How Eating Whole Foods Stabilize Your Life and Your Day.

October 10, 2017 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 0 Comments

How Eating Whole Foods Stabilize Your Life and Your Day. 

Today I feel relaxed, I just got out of the shower after a morning interview, and business phone calls about personal matters.  As a refresher for the day, I am enjoying an iced green tea, while I review emails.

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Some of my emails are considered as junk emails, but my inbox is really full of subscriptions to lifestyle emails.  Meal planning is important, but whats' more important is the type of foods you buy or keep in your pantry for meal preparation.

Whole foods with natural grains and nutrients help to balance your blood sugar, and you naturally loose weight by eating a healthy diet.  Eating real foods also will help you to be satisfied longer.  You will be less hungry, have less need to snack, or eat between meals, and also will feel more energy during the day.  Another really great thing about eating whole foods, is they have fewer chemicals in them, which makes them more healthy.

Thrive Market, is a healthy organic food store, that delivers to your home organic foods, for your pantry, for you to cook at your home.  You will enjoy eating out less and stay at home, to prepare organic, whole foods, and meals that will keep you healthy and happy.

Enjoy Preparing Healthy Meals at Home 

Another really popular thing to do these days is to prepare your meals in advance so you will have specific meals prepared in a tupperware bowl for each day with specific portions.  This also helps to cut down calories from fast food and/or lunch dining while at work.

 Organic Very Raw Honey

Eating whole foods like organic cheese, organic roasted chicken, herbs, organic whole grain pasta and tomatoes, help to keep you healthy, helps with your metabolism, and also helps to bring and create balance in your life.

Thrive Market, is a great place to order from, you can have really great organic meals sent to your home and have them delivered, (free delivery on orders $49) ready to prepare, healthy organic meals any time, you are ready.

One of my favorite organic meals is Salmon, and Asparagus, with Rosemary Herbs and Lemon Juice, sprinkled on top.

Keep Your Pantry Full of Organic Foods, that is Healthy and Good,
Complete Your Recipes with Wholefoods from Thrive Market 

I am an affiliate of Thrive Market, so if you order from them, I do receive a $25 affiliate bonus and or benefit towards buying my own wholefoods.  One of the things Thrive Market likes to do is give away a free bottle of Coconut Oil. Their current promotion is for a free Unconventional Medicine Book, with $29 Purchase. Valid Until Tomorrow 12/19

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