I remember the first time I started Blogging, I new it was fun. I love to write, I wrote plays as a child read poems, wr...

Why I Love Blogging

October 09, 2017 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 0 Comments

I remember the first time I started Blogging, I new it was fun. I love to write, I wrote plays as a child read poems, wrote a few poems, and did great on essays in English, and Philosophy papers in college.

One of the great things I liked about blogging was the ability to but things out into the universe and share my dreams and aspirations.

Being positive in a good environment is futuristic in the aspect of being here, but a step up and being into the future or always keeping the future in mind.

As a Blogger, I like to write, share my thoughts, share fun and interesting information with others as well as journal so I can and share what exciting things I am doing in my current/present life.

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I have had two personal Blogs and now two business Blogs, that I am developing slowly so I can nurture what I am writing about and share the information that is important and relevant to my business blog goals. I am also maintaining my Lifestyle Director blog which is important as a Business Owner and Lifestyle Director of my own lifestyle company to write about my journey and experiences as a Lifestyle Director, entrepreneur, blogger, and as a Coach.

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Blogging helps to fuel creativity, connect to others helps to relieve stress, boost mood and also builds character and responsibility, one other interesting thing I have learned is to share and connect with other Bloggers and allow for guest bloggers on my own blog it really helps to give my blog a new perspective, It also helps to build on my business and lifestyle goals of my blog.

The relationships formed with other Bloggers can be valuable in that it provides support for your blogging, ideas, goals, and also helps to build and reach unique audiences.

Overall Blogging is a great online publishing form I hope to continue blogging and build success from my blog. blogging and support for my blogging purposes and goals.

Cynthia Crosby~

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