Lifestyle and Leadership I took this journey of lifestyle and leadership from having experiences in my own life that were reward...

Lifestyle and Leadership

July 20, 2017 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 7 Comments

Lifestyle and Leadership

I took this journey of lifestyle and leadership from having experiences in my own life that were rewarding, fruitful, and had added heart value.
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(Me) Cynthia Crosby, Lifestyle Blogger and Entrepreneur

When I say heart-centered, I mean I did what I loved, learned what  I love to do and lived life to the fullest when and how it best suited me.

While In College, to keep moral and focus I would take vacations during college break.  These vacations kept my mind focused and kept me motivated and going to college became more and more heart-centered and rewarding.

Other lifestyle trends, I developed was taking part in spirituality, remaining positive, loving, caring and learning how to center through meditation and Yoga.

Yoga Became my favorite exercise because of the renewal of spiritual energy, focus and calm.  Before I began practicing Yoga and mediation, I would use, cardio exercises to boost energy, be active, and to increase, my life focis .  As a child we sometimes feel like we are passing through. But I had a wonderful surrounding as a child and learned to love and live in it as happy and focused as I should.

Now my lifestyle is filled with entrepreneurship, creativity, blogging, beauty, and skincare, when I am not working in my business. I work as  a Brand Ambassador, promoting beauty products and consumer goods, to consumers at local drugstores and markets.

My lifestyle is full of fav’s. reading , internet surfing, business design, dining, listening to great music, and operating and working in a beautiful lifestyle company.  Since I am building my lifestyle company, an empire I have owned since a child, I don’t get to travel as much.

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I think if I could travel, I would lie to take a Yatch, or boating excursion to or on a destination island, or stateside location.
Cynthia Crosby


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  1. Good for you for building your own brand! I love to practice yoga too . . . sometimes it seems it's the only thing that can calm me down.

  2. I tried hot yoga a few weeks back and it was definitely an interesting class. It did help me feel more grounded and in the busy society that we live in, it is great to participate in a class that makes us feel good isn't it?

  3. Great post, it is so important to take time to refocus and vacation is great, but you can't always go on a vacation. Yoga seems to work for a lot of people.

  4. I love yoga too! It definitely helps me relax and unwind from my work :)

  5. I have heard a lot of good things about Yoga. Need to try it. Maybe it will relieve my stress levels.

  6. The spiritual journey is a wonderful path to reach the balance inward. Taking a trip in a Yatch seems as an amazing way of vacationing.

  7. Paying attention to what you do is key. Leadership is not about one s title or designation, rather it is about the influence, inspirations and impact.