The Environment of an Entrepreneur Being an entrepreneur can be a difficult task, becoming a successful entrepreneur managing time, money...

Being an Entrepreneur

July 20, 2017 Cynthia Crosby Lifestyle 4 Comments

The Environment of an Entrepreneur
Being an entrepreneur can be a difficult task, becoming a successful entrepreneur managing time, money, resources, and expenses, and a healthy and balanced life, while trying to build a dream, independently, can be really stressful.

The Exciting Part about Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur
As a Creative, being an entrepreneur is fun, you get a chance to enjoy your craft, work in your gifts, and explore your talents. I'm learning how to become a successful entrepreneur, it is rewarding and self-generating, were you are working with the things you have within your self, and your dreams are flourishing.

Managing Time and Resources
When it comes to managing resources, managing daily operations, and being a #soloentrepreneur, those tasks can be stressful and enduring. One of the main difficulties can be managing stress, and not having free time to let go of work, many entrepreneurs have discussed working 12 hour days, and have done so consistently for a specified number of hours and are able to create life-changing habits after they have set their businesses into orbit.  Others have shared online and in person the ability and freedom to work from home, online, and or at a destination and on the go.  This is a wonderful opportunity, but realistically where do you find yourself at times as an entrepreneur. 

Opening My Dream Lifestyle Company
As the owner of my own lifestyle company, I have been through highs and lows after my business was established.  After business building, design, procurement, infrastructure, and network development, I found that marketing dollars were spent, and the audiences just are not there to receive what I have to offer, but they had and have many things to offer themselves.  

Finding Solutions to Questions as a First-Time Entrepreneur
I learned to balance this by learning new skills, accessing technical skills and knowledge, collaborating, and although I have a full on lifestyle company with product and service lines, I learned that continuing to build my portfolio was important, not only self-rewarding, but professionally rewarding as well.

The Right Business Operations and Business Objective Tools
I currently work a flexible schedule and am working on a business management plan and organization taskforce operations management program.  I have online tools that have worked for years and have recently signed up for new social media management programs and online stock photo and design editing programs.

Applying My Previous Experience to Knowing How to Operate a Business
Being an entrepreneur has always been self-rewarding, at a young age, I was given the opportunity to work as a consultant. This awarded me creative freedom, talent growth, and business acumen, in addition to having a valuable source of mentors and colleagues.  

Entrepreneurial Drive 
My drive is still there, my acumen, is still there, and so is my ability to focus and plan, design, and build, sells is a skill, I haven’t learned fully. Online sales mainly, and some of the automation and editorial planning is not happening fully, in my business, as of yet, although, I have produced campaigns as a consultant. 

The Full On Entrepreneurial Dream
I think I have this big overall picture in my head and have been disseminating it to the world, and I think people get it, and I think people like it and want it, but why are they not buying? That is the big picture story, nurturing leads and relationships, asking for money, and waiting for people to show up at my door and or flood my inbox, and social media and PayPal account with dollars and optins for my campaigns is a bit much to ask. 

Doing What it Takes
If I put in more time to these tasks, carefully planning, posts, designing attractive, copy and graphics, and also, making sure I am speaking to customers, buyers, and those who are great for my particular offer, will yield the results I need as a business owner. 

Investing in my own Business
I am self-supported and when I say marketing, I mean marketing dollars, being a self-supported entrepreneur, I pay for and have paid for everything out of pocket for several years, business development, partnerships, location, and resources in and within my company.  

Starting from the Bottom
When it came to certain aspects of my business plan, such as supporting my unique intercompany theme Style List, I had invested all my dough in every other aspect of my business, I had no more funds for marketing to customers, lead generation, and nor paid promotions. 

Building an Audience for my Website
One thing I am learning about is SEO, and FREE Business Tools, there are so many free things out there on the internet to help you build your audience, along with PAID software. SEO is big, due to needing to build keywords, that are searched often on the internet, relevant to your company, so that you can be found on search engines.

Learning the First Thing
Organic web traffic and audience building, so I can have views for my online content, perfect and I am learning SEO and, think I got it, then wait, maybe I don’t, I don’t have a list of keywords for my business, I have a list of #hastags.  Same thing? At this point, I think so, but I am unsure. 

Optimizing my Content and Posts
I really need to jump on the ball with SEO, the term has been floating around the internet for years, I had a huge Ebook once, but never read it, at the time I hoped to build my business offline.  Now the term SEO is a Business must and a Business function.  I should incorporate SEO right now as I am blogging.  

What's Working
Blogging in business has also helped as an entrepreneur, I have learned to provide, insight about my company, to fellow, bloggers, and collaborate in Blogger Groups.  Here is where I have found the most business breakthroughs in the past month. 

Finding Creative Business Networks
It is like joining a collective, but a collective of technically skilled professionals, who you have to find your match.  I have found highly skilled business advice, highly skilled shared services, and collaborations that have worked to support functions that seem less important to a Company CEO. 

My Fashion and Lifestyle Company Logo

Backtracking, to Resources, I Email Subscribed to.
Another thing that has worked me through my stress as an entrepreneur is going back to my email account, where I have subscribed to services, as I began my business and entrepreneurship journey, accessing, subscribing to and bookmarking services.  These emails and bookmarks and my inbox folders are invaluable resources I should be tapping into.  

Finding the Golden Gem
One company I have found especially now, I joined and or subscribed to their program 2 years ago, and was overwhelmed at the idea, and had researched the idea before and had subscribed to more information, then I found the perfect support program! I did not have what I needed at the time for support, I was mentally not there, and working on other tasks, such as building my business plan, off paper. 

Implementing a Plan
Now that my business plan is built off paper, and I have been in business getting my feet, stable. I am now ready to become a Coach. I have the skills, acumen, resources, knowledge, and back-end support from a Coaching Company and or business arm.

Building a Portfolio for My Company
Building my company portfolio and learning new skills, is as rewarding as owning my own lifestyle company.  My options within my business is to flourish, I can work on tasks that are relevant to my skill set, interest, and my level of IQ and my dream.  I have built a wonderful brand, designed a lifestyle company, along with infrastructure and design.  

Expanding my Business Services
I can now add a Coaching Practice to my platform, and provide bloggers, business owners, and coaches, access to resources and training, along the lines of my profession, niche, and what pain points they are experiencing. One of the best parts about it is, I am doing something that I Love! Helping others and providing service solutions to their own tasks, You can’t beat that, a rewarding career, a rewarding job, and a rewarding lifestyle.

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  1. I have never really thought of being my own boss. I guess I'm scared of the responsibility of it. I know there's a lot of perks though. Your own hours, and flexibility. I just need to work on being confident and organized.

  2. I completly agree with this post. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task but in due time I'm sure all the hard work will be worth it.

  3. I've been my own boss for a few years now and it definitly has it's ups and downs, but you need to remember what is most important to you and that'll keep you going throughout the days :)

  4. The entrepreneur struggle is seriously real I can so relate to this post in very many ways